Thursday, 17 September 2015

Relationship Goals...

So I'm finally coming round to the fact that the world we live in is now ruled by technology and most teenagers confidence comes from an amount of like or comments... "Well fit, a good 8/10 hot or not rate that" (Not a clue) and although it's sad, there's nothing we can do about it. If you can't beat them join them, just choose to NEVER use vocabulary such as 'bae' which apparently means 'before anyone else'...please. However, the internet can be used for SO many positive things so I personally just take it for what it is, and worry about how I will raise my own children one day surrounded by such bollocks.

I remember a site called Bebo and when I was growing up, that and msn was what went down. I'd spend so long writing out a bio describing how amazing my best friends were and how much I loved leopard print (It was a phase). When I grew up it was harmless, surely now it's nothing but damaging? Out of all the posts, memes and videos we all see go viral if there's one trend I will never get my head around it's #relationshipgoals... What. The...

So I am pretty sure that with the posts I see, girls are growing up wanting a relationship like a certain celebrity because they posted a cute picture with their other half. Does that then mean they have a great relationship...absolutely not. My boyfriend happens to be a very private person and I respect that. And although I am quite happy for everyone and their dog to know about mine, he isn't the same (opposites attract babes). From previous relationships, I have learnt that posting the latest sentimental gesture they did for me on social media doesn't make it a 'happy' one. I only noticed it when coming out of my last relationship did I get endless comments from people I hardly knew telling me they thought what we had was 'real' and 'forever'...and it made me realise that because I posted a picture of a bacon sandwich I made him stating I was one day going to make a great wife (modest) does that mean what we had was perfect?

We live in a world of comparing and it is so easy to compare what we have to the next person on Instagram, but lets just put one thing straight, if you're the basic Barry posting a picture every god damn day of the flowers your boyfriend sent you as a 'surprise' we all know that...

A - it's not a surprise any more because he sent them yesterday which means he'll send them tomorrow
B - I don't give a shit. On a side note, flowers die and pizza doesn't.

Some of the pictures I see floating around with the title relationship goals literally make me want to face palm with a blade attached. The one where the couple are working out and whilst 'clean eating boy' is doing a bench press, 'clean eating girl' is straddling him in a minxy crop top and luminous Nikes. I would sincerely hope that my boyfriend would clean knock me out if I even got that close to him in the gym. One of my other favourites is the Calvin Klein one 'Beautiful boy' is carrying 'Beautiful girl' both wearing matching CK underwear. Put her down, put some clothes on, and tell the dick head holding the camera taking the photo of you to go and get laid.

The photos that I do love to see of couples on the internet are the ones of the old wrinkly bums jumping into the lake together and even that doesn't mean their relationship or marriage comes without scars. Just because a couple take a really good selfie, or post incredible pictures of themselves doesn't mean anything. It literally means that they would make really good looking babies or it took them at least ten attempts to get the shot (don't pretend that's never happened). I'm not saying that every time you see a photo of a couple it doesn't mean they're happy I'm just saying be careful what you compare yours too. Yes, I post pictures of my boyfriend but it doesn't mean we don't argue or disagree on things. It just means it was a nice picture, with great lighting, and that my Nan will 100% hit the like button.

If your boyfriend can't lift you in the air (ahem) or you both don't own expensive underwear it doesn't mean anything. If we spent the same time appreciating what we do have, we wouldn't have any time left to think about what we're missing. Only you can know deep down if what you have is right or not and a good photo posted on Facebook doesn't help that. So, if your underwear costs you a paycheque and your happy to straddle your boyfriend in the gym rather than running off the pizza then crack on, but don't think that posting a photo of that is going to get you to your diamond wedding anniversary...

Now that's a relationship goal


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