Sunday, 1 November 2015

The miserable pumpkin...

You may have noticed it's been a few weeks since I last posted. My main aim is to not let this post be negative but the reasons behind such a delay is because October for me has resembled Adele's love life.

I like to think of myself as a half full kinda gal rather then bottle of wine empty... but sometimes life really does get in the way and unless I had the intentions of making your month as rubbish as mine I wasn't going to write. Unfortunately for my family and I we lost a very special man in our lives and grieving, being there for loved ones and helping to plan a funeral isn't the best material to work with when blogging.

This is the first time in my life that I've not felt festive with this months bollocks. I can't even begin to explain to you how much it has irritated me to see a photo of toes on a wet path way covered in leaves (Yes, I am normally that girl). Even the word 'Autumnal' has driven me insane, my entire social media timeline has been 'my autumnal scarf', 'love an autumnal leaf', 'look at my autumnal cat'. What I really think about your autumnal vibe is 'Go and carve your pumpkin, make pumpkin pie and choke.'

This really isn't like me at all, I am usually ALL over anything that involves buying pointless shit to make the house look 'themed' and then buying a candle to match but this month I've literally been dead inside. It really hasn't helped that I've decided to start working out with a personal trainer - In contradiction to him making me look like a Goddess he has made my life hell for the last few weeks and I've been eating the equivalent of toasted cardboard and throwing up in my mouth more times than I ever cared to imagine. It's also fair to say I am utterly shocked I still have a boyfriend and an incredible support network or friends because I've been like a dragon on heat for 12 days now. Show week was the ultimate test of the slim life. I was literally SURROUNDED by cake, McDonalds, Dominoes, sweets, mars bars dipped in coffee, KFC... I just kept walking around the theatre sniffing wrappers like some sort of possessed whale.

In order to put this month to an end I decided last night I was going to spend far too many hours on Pinterest relighting my inner candle for all things festive because I refuse to go into November slim and miserable. I pinned about 100 Christmas photos to my board and spent a good few hours roaming the internet deciding on my colour theme for wrapping, baking treats and table plans. As the time went by I was starting to feel like a reborn Elf in Santas Grotto and whilst I was sat (Fitting in it perfectly because I've obvs lost weight on the SD 'soul destroying' diet) in the chair my excitement was growing by the second. I've asked my boyfriend approximately 25 times since my Pinterest splurge if he's excited for Christmas just to make sure we're all aboard the same fun train. I am now feeling that the month of pumpkins has made me turn full circle. I am now ready to take Christmas on like the pro I truly am and my wine glass is feeling full (not that I can even sniff wine on the SD diet). I am two seasons deep into Prison break on Netflix and the appropriate time to inhale a mince pie isn't too far away.

So, my advice to any of you who have experienced a time in your life when it's not great and the pumpkin life isn't helping. Find the time to relight your candle, spend hours doing something you really love and try to start the next week or month fresh. If that means taking pictures of your feet in leaves then crack on but for me, a few hours on the John Lewis website abusing the Christmas section with a virtual basket is I need...